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Are you interested in being featured on the App? We are here to discuss your business needs and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call, or shoot us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

Fitches Creek, Antigua

+1 268-778-PCKT


Have questions or inquiries regarding Pocket Antigua? Not a problem! Outlined below are the most commonly asked questions by interested business owners. If you are unable to locate the answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Payment Methods?
Currently, we accept Cash and Cheque payments. Receipts will always be given.

Billing & Payments: Unless the Pocket Saver Plan was utilized, your billing cycle will commence from the date we contract your subscription and end after 90 days where payment is due. Timely reminders will be sent in an effort to streamline the payment process.
Subscription Length?
Currently, all subscriptions are contracted for a minimum duration of 3 months (90 days) to a maximum duration of 1 (ONE) year (365 days). All prices are currently promotional and subject to change (always with notice) based on market needs. Subscriptions that have been confirmed will always remain fixed during the life of that contract. Early on-boarded clients will always maintain discounted rates with any and all pricing adjustments.
Opting Out?
Once a subscription has been contracted you may opt to cease using our services and have your business removed from Pocket Antigua, however, payment for that quarter is still due. If you have utilized the Pocket Saver Plan the payment is non-refundable.
Pocket Saver Plan?
This is a reduced annual payment, as opposed to a higher aggregate in quarterly payments.
Packages can be upgraded but never downgraded; feel free to choose a more suitable option once the life of the subscription has expired.
Late Payments?
Yes, a fee of XCD $50 will be applied to accounts that are 14 days past due, after which a fee of XCD $25 will be charged for every additional 21 days past due. At our discretion, necessary alternative methods will be used to ease both the collection and payment process.
Content Control?
To maintain content control and ensure that the Pocket Antigua application remains a positive and user friendly service, only Pocket Antigua staff will be allowed to update your business profile. These requests, as well as any questions or bug reporting can submitted in person, via phone, and also by email Changes will be applied in the order they are received based on request volumes at the time.

Rating System?
This is a popular request, however due to possible malicious misuse we have differed from this means of user referral.
Push Notifications?
Keep your customers informed instantly with real time pop-up messages directly to their devices containing important time sensitive happenings; whether it be discounts, flash sales, special events or other alerts pertinent to your business. These notifications will show up when you want in real time, even if customers aren’t actively using Pocket Antigua; allowing them to be aware of new activities among our hosted businesses. Although this ideal way to get exciting new information to your customers is in real-time, it is also a tool easily misused. Distressed App users may turn to uninstalling the application, which is counter-productive. It is imperative that it is understood, that for the ideal user experience, this method of contact is effectively managed.
Push Notification Availability?
Push notifications are available at an especially discounted rate in the Gold and Event Packages only. However, businesses in the Bronze and Silver tiers can request a single push notification at full price if need be. Requests will be processed on a first come first served basis and then spread across a table of time slots. Depending on the season at hand, the amount of pushes we allow per day/week will vary. If your requested time slot isn’t available, then you will be advised to select another. The earlier your request is made, the more likely it will be processed to your desire.
Monthly usage data such as amount of visits, days most visited and notification engagements will be sent in a monthly statement for you to decide the best ways and times for you to engage an audience.
Any and all disputes will be handled efficiently and swiftly through the process of arbitration.